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Why HPC Pro?

"We will find a way
or we will make one."

James Dismukes
Founder, Houston PC Pro

Custom PC & Web Solutions

Houston PC Pro is dedicated to solving your business computer needs. We understand the diversity needed to overcome the obstacles in business today.

Our team of experienced business solution providers are ready to help you integrate your PC into your business, whether it be consulting, custom applications or troubleshooting unique issues.

We offer a variety of services including assistance with MS Office products, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our Services

Web Solutions

We specialize in database driven web applications. We also provide utilities to help with your existing website(s), including web hosting.

Design Solutions

We help you to create your unique brand from logo creation to your marketing message through website, print materials and digital identity.

PC Solutions

Small businesses may not always have the skills in-house to perform technical tasks or solve complex computer related issues. Our staff can help fill the gap.

Business Consulting

We have a significant background working with corporate, mid-level, small business and start-ups to make your business work for you.

VBA Macros

When you've reached the limits of what you can accomplish with Excel, you may need a custom macro to take over and perform specific or tedius tasks. What takes days can be done in a matter of minutes with a macro.

Virtual Assisting

Providing virtual assisting services including travel planning, calendar management, customer service, data entry, bookkeeping, etc. You name it we can make it happen for you!

Our Process

Our process is a fluid experience where we work to see what your overall business needs are so that it adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of website design and IT consulting for scores of clients.


Plan and Strategize

We set priorities, organize content, and understand the client's business so that the whole package is addressed. At the end of the strategy session, you will have a Blueprint for your business project, a comprehensive strategic plan for your business processes, website design, content, and functionality.



Once the Blueprint is approved, we create the framework and a design comp for your review. This process involves various reviews, approvals, and close communication between you and our creative team. We begin with the Homepage to set style, image and branding standards, then move toward interior layouts.



With the blueprint & design comps as our guide, the development team begins to create your website or business solution with the state of the art tools. Our entire team works to add content, final design elements, review, & test your website/solution for quality.



After a complete review, we present your new website/solution. Upon your approval, your website/solution will be launched, promoted and optimized.

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HPC Helps at all Levels

We work with clients big and small. Our roots are in corporate but we specialize in bringing top-end technology and best practice architecture to small business. No matter what level of assistance you need, Houston PC Pro can help.


websites, blogs, projects

no task is too small...

We have helped countless individuals, hobbiests, organizations and churches with websites and technical matters that needed that professional touch.

small business

websites, macros, consulting

we help with IT...

  • Level up with automation
  • Consulting for planning and executing IT projects
  • Integrate with larger systems
  • Refine your technical strategy


contract, conversions

we can fill in the gaps...

All of us at HPC come from the corporate world where we have worked with waterfall and agile teams as well as architectural committees. We can tackle specialized projects and get up to speed quickly.

20+ years

experience and innovation

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